About Us

Marathon Adventures is a specialty travel company that brings running enthusiasts to the farthest reaches of the globe to run Marathons, 1/2 Marathons and ultra races. We combine both tourism and running into an unforgettable 7-10 day adventure.

Marathon Adventures was founded in 2008 after it's founder and Chief Adventurer, Steve Hibbs, returned home from a marathon in Antarctica. During his trip to Antarctica, Steve, realized that there were many things that could be done to improve the runners' experience. Wanting to combine his passion for running and travel and integrating his Human Resources background on customer focus he left the corporate world and opened Marathon Adventures. It is his hope that each and every Adventurer (customer) will know that they are the reason Marathon Adventures exists and he will never lose sight of that.

Our Staff

Steve Hibbs, Founder & Chief Adventurer

Colleen Supple, Managing Adventure Director

Kurt Decker, Race Director - WCM & PAM

Dr. Dimitri Drekonja, Medical Director, WCM & PAM

Pam Lauroff, Adventure Director

Jeremy Varnell, Adventure Guide